The fifth stage is for new construction. This is an exciting part of a renovation because the homeowner can watch each day’s progress firsthand. The timeline of this stage really depends on the scheduling and availability of contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals needed for the project. Below we’ve listed the different parts of construction and a time length estimate. Your contractor will work to schedule the professionals when needed.

Electrical installation — Estimated time: 1-2 days
Floor Preparation — Estimated time: 2-3 days
Plumbing installation — Estimated time: 1-2 days

After the mechanicals have been installed and have passed inspection, it is time to repair any wall and ceiling surfaces. This is when the kitchen will begin to take shape and start to look like a real room. First, exterior walls will need to be fixed with insulation. Then, drywall work will start in order to patch any holes, fix any imperfections, and create smooth wall and ceiling surfaces.

Wall preparation —Estimated time: 2-3 days

After the walls are perfectly smooth, the room can be painted to the desired color. After the installations in Stage Four, some touchup work may be needed.

Painting — Estimated time: 1-2 days

Nov, 23, 2014